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The Business English Guy


Take Your Career To The


Do you have trouble expressing yourself in English during meetings or presentations? Or when talking with clients or writing emails?

Do you feel like it's holding back your career?

I can help.


How  I can help

10-Week Online Business English Program

Lessons that focus on eliminating your most frequent mistakes, expanding your vocabulary, and sounding more like a native speaker.


About me

I'm a native English speaker from the United States of America (USA) and I've been teaching English over six years. For the past four years, I've taught online business English to professionals from around the world. 

I love reading and traveling. I'm a digital nomad, which means I work online and travel. I've lived in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and soon, South America.

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Maggie Zhao
Shanghai, China
Eric is incredibly patient, professional, creative, and reliable. He makes lessons interesting and helps me learn in a fun and practical way. He always corrects me immediately and helps me to speak more like a native speaker.
Mia Chiu
Nanjing, China
Eric is the most professional English teacher that I've ver met.He always corrects me immediately.I strongly recommend Eric as an instructor.
Vicky Hu
Shanghai, China

My oral English has improved quickly. Eric is very patient and conscientious. He always corrects my mistakes. The course has been very valuable.

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